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Limelight, founded in 2017, is a mobile app for live music video streaming. Limelight provides a social network for live music and a platform for artists, venues and industry professionals to expose music performances through premium live streams.

Concert goers can capture and share their own clips with Limelight’s social music community. Limelight also gives music fans access to exclusive artist interviews, stripped back performances, intimate behind the scenes content, and more.

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We are a community of creators, thinkers, coaches, storytellers, innovators, philanthropists, musicians, comedians, friends, and supporters all collaborating to grow the ideas we believe in.

Moverz started with a goal to attain something that many people never get a glimpse of; freedom. Being able to create is what makes us free. What makes you free?

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Viola Media

In an over-saturated and ever-evolving world of content consumption - we provide our clients with high quality production and strategic deployment, which uniquely separates them from their competitors in the digital space.

Filming, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, and Animation are just a few of our killer capabilities to showcase your brand.

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