Long Island’s Newest Music Festival

September 7th 2019, Farmingdale NY

Dive into a world where you can let go, feel free, and enjoy all the vibes of summer. This is beyond just a festival, it's a celebration of culture. A collaboration of music, comedy, art, food, beer, gaming, charity, and community. The ULTIMATE good vibe experience.

Here at STATTFest, it's Summer-Time All the Time

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STATTfest features 12 hours of music ranging from reggae legends Badfish: A tribute to Sublime and The Expendables to electro funk leaders The Floozies and Goldfish.

Click below for the full line up and make sure to listen to our STATT FEST playlist on Spotify to get the summertime vibe now.

Food & Drink (Flavor Town)

STATTfest has a diversity of different delicious vendors from pizza, to BBQ, to the best craft beer on long island. With numerous vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options you’ll be in flavor-town all day. Also did i mention there will be cookies??



What’s summer without day drinking to classic lawn games such as Cornhole, Kan Jam and Spike Ball! STATTfest is the biggest summer party of the year with loads of different activities to ensure our Good Friends have the best time ever. Complimentary haircuts, yoga, comedy sets…we even have a videogame tent so you can battle your friends in some Super Smash or Gears of War. Click below to see what awesome vendors will be attending this years STATTfest.


Artwork & Community

STATTfest features artwork, and merchandise from our local community. Take home some cool merch, tapestries, artwork, or posters from one of our numerous different vendors. Our STATTfest art team will also be panting a giant live installation at the festival, so don’t miss out!



STATTfest is donating a portion of every ticket sale to The Only Love Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that builds schools in underdeveloped countries around the globe. Click below to learn more about this incredible movement and how you can get involved.

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