ADA Parking

ADA guests can get a free onsite parking pass as long as they have a state issued ADA placard, a STATTfest ticket, and RSVP to the ADA parking pass online. To access the ADA parking areas, identification will be checked to ensure legitimate use


The venue is fully navigable for people with mobility disabilities. There are accessible pathways connected throughout the venue including parking, entrances, stages, vendors and all other activity areas. Patrons should bring all cords and accessories needed to charge their devices. Chargers must use a 110-volt, 20 amp circuit. We will not be providing wheelchair or scooter rentals

Viewing Areas

There will be accessible viewing areas made available to ADA patrons who may need to see above the crowd on a number of STATTfest stages. For entrance to the platforms please visit the Access Center to gain access to these areas

Access Centers

All accessibility-related inquiries can be answered at our Access Center, which will be located outside the main entrance. Additionally, this is the location to recharge wheelchair batteries and/or the other assistive technology requiring electrical recharging, as well as storing equipment

Service Animals

Persons with disabilities and their service dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities are welcome at STATTfest. Service animals must be screened and registered at the Access Center immediately upon entry to the site. Please contact info@stattfest.live for protocols regarding service animals

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