The STATTfest Official RPG Videogame V1

Works best on a Desktop but playable on mobile.

Once you beat the game, you will be given a special promo code to STATTfest 2019. First person to beat the game and purchase a ticket with the special promo code will get their ticket refunded and upgraded to a VIP ticket. If you already have a ticket bring your mom!


Navigate using Arrows or clicking where you want to walk 

Click Escape Button to Exit or Open Menu where you can save, access items, skills, and equipment. 

Use the Enter Button to select through gameplay and choose songs from your favorite STATTfest artists. 

Hint: game has a menu on mobile as well!! tap top left and bottom right corners of the screen to activate the menu. There you can save, rearrange your team, and much more!!!

Hint: Create the save file, and the game will auto save anytime you enter a new area, or make a menu change. This can be turned off in options. (Before a big fight I recommend creating a new save Incase you can’t handle the battle).